Menus for Summer Small Plates Buffets

Meatball sliders

July 1

* Sliders (mini burgers) Рchoice of meatball (beef) or Cafe Flora portobello pat̩
* Vegetable spring rolls – assorted summery vegetables rolled in rice wrappers and served with a slightly spicey peanut sauce
* Caramelized onion dip with assorted gourmet potato chips & other [lower fat & carbs] dippers
* Berry-topped cheesecake squares
* Nuts & olives and other handfuls to munch

Cheesecake squares

The suggested cocktails are:

  • Prosecco Negronis (Negroni sbagliato) – bring the Prosecco of your choice and some sweet vermouth; we’ll have everything else
  • Beer!

Link to sign up sheet

July 8

Sorry, cancelled due to low enrollment! Please come see us another day.

July 15

Sushi rice salad in zucchini cups
Chicken satay – boneless chicken strips, marinated in coconut milk and spices, served with peanut sauce for dipping
Vegetables with Fiery hummus and a few pita triangles
Fruit platter (I’m hoping I get some Tipi Produce melons in my veggie box!)
Baby Cupcakes – Lime coconut, cherry

Suggested cocktail:

Ginger – we’ll provide ginger syrup, lemons, and soda. Uses: Ginger martinis (you bring gin or vodka) or Ginger lemon drop high balls (you bring lemon vodka) or – creativity encouraged!

Sushi rice salad

Link to sign up sheet

July 22

Phyllo Potato Samosas

Phyllo potato samosas with chutney and yogurt
Lightly dressed greens
Muhamarra – roasted red pepper dip – with grilled pita wedges and tofu sticks for dipping
A few nice cheeses, with crackers and other accompaniments
Summer fruits trifle

Suggested cocktail – Mint! we’ll provide the mint, simple syrup, club soda, limes & ginger ale = mojitos, mint juleps, Pimm’s cup, anyone?

Link to sign up sheet

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