Menu for Feast Forward



  • Assorted canapes – small savory bites of cheeses, vegetables, and smoked fish piled onto bread and melba toasts
  • Swedish meatballs – no explanation required!

And the rest:

Wedge salad with roasted tomato and bleu cheese dressings

Choice of beef or mushroom Wellington – beef tenderloin or mushroom pate wrapped in puff pastry and served with Madeira sauce

Mushy peas – frozen peas mashed with butter and fresh mint – not a traditional 1960s side dish, but consistent with the 1960s spirit, dressing up packaged foods like frozen vegetables

Parker house rolls – soft, pillowy, buttery – Pepperidge Farm was served in my house growing up, but these will be home made.


Served downtown at Overture Center!

We've whipped up something special for you!
We’ve whipped up something special for you!