School Woods

[sorta] NewThe last School Woods meal was brunch on New Year’s Day 2014 in our current space. In 2014, School Woods was reincarnated as “Dinner at DebS“. Please visit over there, and sign up for the Dinner at DebS mailing list for more news.

Welcome – The School Woods Supper Club is a group of friends who gather to prepare, learn about, and of course, eat, all kinds of food – traditional, seasonal, local, organic. If you’d like to join us, you can become a member by entering your email address in the box below, and following the instructions you’ll receive.

School Woods Supper Club exists so that we can enjoy delicious, well-prepared, home-cooked food, heighten our awareness of the sources of the foods we eat, and provide a place for us to enjoy the pleasures of civil discourse around the dinner table.

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