School Woods

NewSchool Woods will be serving brunch on New Year’s Day in our current space. In 2014, School Woods will be reincarnated as “Dinner at DebS” – watch this space for more information, coming Real Soon Now™.

Welcome – The School Woods Supper Club is a group of friends who gather to prepare, learn about, and of course, eat, all kinds of food – traditional, seasonal, local, organic. If you’d like to join us, you can become a member by entering your email address in the box below, and following the instructions you’ll receive.

School Woods Supper Club exists so that we can enjoy delicious, well-prepared, home-cooked food, heighten our awareness of the sources of the foods we eat, and provide a place for us to enjoy the pleasures of civil discourse around the dinner table.

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The space at School Woods is still available for private parties – if you are interested in booking, please contact Deb at – and see the info on this site about booking School Woods.

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